"We are not just going..., but growing towards excellence"

Internal Quality Assurance Cell, a post-accreditation unit, was established in the year 2005 with its high aim to enhance the multifaceted quality of the institution. Also it tirelessly strive to create and maintain a student-centered atmosphere as suggested by NAAC. The unit functions with a primary and immediate objective of implementing the recommendations made by NAAC.



IQAC functions in a unique office with Coordinator’s Room, Front Office and Discussion Hall that was structured at a cost of Rs. 2, 84,000/= and it shows the importance given to IQAC by the college management.


According to the norms given by NAAC, and UGC in its XI Plan, a Steering Committee was formed.The following members were placed in the Steering Committee.

Composition Name of the Staff
Chairperson:Head of the Institution Dr.A. Subramanian Principal
Teachers to represent all level (Three to eight) Dr.P.Balasubramanian Director (i/c), Unaided
Dr.P.Sekar Associate Professor of Economics
Thiru.G. Bethanasamy Associate Professor of Computer Science
Dr.M. Kandasamy Director of Physical Education
Dr.R. Johnson Victor Babu Head & Associate Professor of English
Dr. P. Velmani Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Dr.A. Sivagurunathan Assistant Professor of Zoology
Mrs.J.Sharmila Corera Lawyer, Department of Commerce
One member from the Management Thiru.B.T. Chidambaram Treasurer, The Educational Society, Tirunelveli. Res:Shanmuga illam, 90, State bank new colony, Jawahar Nagar, Tirunelveli – 627 007.
Few Senior administrative officers Thiru.R.Sankarram Jegadeesan Superintendent
Tmt.S.Rama Subbammal Assistant
One nominee each from local society, Students and Alumni Dr.A. Namasivayam Former Principal, The M.D.T. Hindu College.
Miss.G.Varsha II M.Sc. Physics, Res: Veerabaghu Nagar, Pettai Tirunelveli – 627 004.
Thiru. S. Parthasarathy Alumni.
One nominee each from Employers/Industrialist/Stakeholders Thiru.C. Sathiya Narayanan (B.Sc Chemistry 1990 – 1993, IT Manager, Devcare Solutions, Tenkasi Unit. Res: 165/6, Railway Road, Tenkasi – 627 811).
Thiru. S. Parthasarathy Properitor, Seethapathy Transport, Tirunelveli.
Thiru.S. Arunachalam Supt (Rtd), The M.D.T. Hindu College, Tirunelveli.
One of the Senior teachers as the coordinator / Director of the IQAC Dr.K. Balasubramanian Associate Professor of Physics.

In order to carry out the quality improvement schemes decided by the Steering Committee, in the concerned departments in an effective way, a Sub-Committee was formed with a member from every department. The following faculty members were placed in the IQAC Sub-committee.

S.No. Department Name of the Staff
1 TAMIL Dr.G. Sankara Veerapathiran Associate Professor of Tamil
2 ENGLISH Dr.R.Ponmani Subha Chellam Assistant Professor of English
3 MATHEMATICS Dr.K.Murugan Assistant Professor of Mathematics
4 PHYSICS Dr.A.N. Seethalakshmi Assistant Professor of Physics
5 CHEMISTRY Thiru.T.Jeyapaul Assistant Professor of Chemistry
6 COMPUTER SCIENCE Thiru.G. Neela Krishnababu Assistant Professor of Computer Science
7 ZOOLOGY Dr.A.S. Ganga Assistant Professor of Zoology
8 PHS Dr.J.Karthikeyan Assistant Professor of PHS
9 ECONOMICS Dr.P. Jaya Prabhakaran Assistant Professor of Economics
10 COMMERCE Dr.N. Sankara gomathi Assistant Professor of Commerce
S.No. Department Name of the Staff
1 Unaided Courses Director (i/c) Dr.P.Balasubramanian
2 B.COM (A) Dr.R. Meenakshi sundaram Assistant Professor of Commerce
3 B.COM (B) Dr.M. Muthu Alamelu Assistant Professor of Commerce
4 BCA Mr.G. Lakshmi Narayanan Assistant Professor of Computer Application
5 B.A.ENGLISH Ms.S. Shunmuga Priya Assistant Professor of English
6 B.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE Dr.M.Lakshmi Assistant Professor of Computer Science
7 B.COM (CORPORATE SECRETARYSHIP) Tmty.S. Kavitha Assistant Professor of Corporate Secretaryship

As per the norms of NAAC, Steering Committee Meetings were conducted regularly to design quality improvement plans.

Meeting 1 - 7.7.2022 Click here

Meeting 2 - 8.9.2022 Click here

Meeting 3 - 14.9.2022 Click here

Meeting 4 - 24.11.2022 Click here

Meeting 1 - 23.07.21 : Click here

Meeting 2 - 18.11.21 : Click here

Meeting 1 - 19.10.20 : Click here

Meeting 2 - 23.07.21 : Click here

Meeting 3 - 18.11.21: Click here

Meeting 1 - 05.09.19 : Click here

Meeting 2 - 16.05.20 : Click here

Meeting 1 - 10.8.18 : Click here

Meeting 2 - 24.01.19 : Click here

Meeting 3 - 25.04.19 : Click here

18-08-2017 Annual Plan, Result Analysis, Remedial Measures, Application for Reaccreditation

08-07-2016 NAAC Sponsored National Conference

06-10-2016 Review of IQAC Activities, Preparation of SSR

05-01-2017 Department Profiles, SSR Preparation, Infrastructural Improvements

20-04-2017 Approval of Financial Statement, Review of the Year Plan, Plans for Next Academic Year

01-09-2015 Construction of New Toilets, Leadership and Soft Skill Programmes, Job-oriented Courses, Pending Issues

30-10-2015 Academic Auditing, Environmental Auditing, Pending Issues

15-03-2016 Formation of Data Centre, SSR Committees, Establishment of LEAD and HORP forums, Conducting SLET/NET Coaching

21-04-2016 Approval of Financial Statement, Fulfilment of Year Plans, Plans for Next Academic Year

24-09-2014 Implementation of Annual Plan, Teaching through Technology

21-01-2015 ICT AMENITIES and Regulations, Renovation of Management Chamber, Auditorium False Ceiling, Motivating students towards prevention of anti-social activities

26-03-2015 Completion of Infrastructural development, Achieving Annual Plans, Environment Auditing, Submission of AQAR

23-04-2015 Approval of Financial Statement, Plans for Next Academic Year

20-08-2013 Office Automation, Academic Year Plans, Establishing Wi-fi

30-10-2013 Establishment of Research Forum, Audio-Visual Teaching, Pending Issues

27-03-2014 Library Automation, Office Infrastructure, Pending Issues

17-04-2014 Approval of Financial Statement, Plans for Next Academic Year

21-09-2012 Analysis of NAAC Peer Team Report

11-01-2013 Office Automation, Infrastructural Development, Library AMENITIES


Apart from the two major Steering Committee Meetings, the IQAC office conducted various meetings with all stake holders of the institution to implement various quality improvement steps and for the proper documentation of academic, research and other activities.

Academic Year 2012-13 : 8 Meetings
Academic Year 2013-14 : 11 Meetings
Academic Year 2014-15 : 16 Meetings
Academic Year 2015-16 : 19 Meetings
Academic Year 2016-17 : 23 Meetings
Academic Year 2017-2018: 18 Meetings


Action Taken During the Year 2022 - 2023: Click here

Action Taken During the Year 2021 - 2022: Click here

Action Taken During the Year 2020 - 2021: Click here

Action Taken During the Year 2019 - 2020: Click here

Action Taken During the Year 2018 - 2019: Click here

1. Renovation of Library Building.
2. Extension of Girl’s toilet.
3. Construction of Multi-purpose Gymnasium with UGC’s financial assistance & Management contribution.
4. Renovation of Boys’ toilet.
5. Constructions of Ramps.
6. Installation of CCTV Camera.
7. New Twelve Iron doors in Ladies toilet.
8. Renovation work in Zoology Laboratory.
9. Introduction of Biometric system.
10. ERP Portal was launched.
11. New gas pipeline in Chemistry laboratory.
12. IIQA and SSR were submitted to NAAC.

1. The entire campus has become Wi-Fi covered
2. New multi-purpose Computer Laboratory was set up
3. Preparatory Course in Communication Skills and Personality Development was conducted
4. New Toilet was constructed in the Library building
5. Staff Toilets were completely renovated
6. Two wheeler Shed was constructed for students and staff
7. LEAD and HORP Forums were strengthened
8. NAAC Sponsored National Conference was conducted

1. A new Generator Room for Auditorium was constructed
2. Renovation work in the departments of Commerce, Tamil, Maths and Economics were done
3. New UPS Section was set up for Physics Laboratory
4. The Construction of compound wall was started
5. Tally Laboratory for the department of Commerce was set up.
6. LEAD forum was established for conducting Leadership and Soft skills programmes with Mr. S.Elango Subramanian as Coordinator
7. HORP Forum for encouraging the students in community service was established with Dr. A.S Ganga as coordinator.
8. SLET/ NET Coaching was organised with the financial assistance of Alumni Association
9. Anew office was set up for the Career Guidance and Counselling Cell
10. Library Reading Section was extended

1. LCD Projectors were provided to all departments
2. Women teachers were provided with new retiring room with all modern AMENITIES
3. College office was completely renovated and automated
4. New toilets were provided for players
5. A new Record Room was created for college office
6. The Management provided seed money to the departments to organise seminars and conferences
7. New counters for student affairs were made in the college office
8. All old and rare volumes of college library were bound
9. A new extension building was constructed for General Library so that the reading area was expanded
10. An Auto-transformer was purchased for Secretary ALS Seminar Hall
11. Physics Laboratory was renovated providing with latest AMENITIES
12. A bathing area was constructed for the students of the Department of Physical Education
13. New equipment room was constructed for the department of Zoology
14. A new Smart class was established in the Dept. of Physics
15. A Smart Board was purchased for one of the seminar halls
16. Managing Committee Chamber was renovated with modern AMENITIES
17. Auditorium was completely renovated with full false ceiling

1. Two new academic programmes i.e. M.Phil Physics and B.Sc Computer Science were introduced.
2. To enable more seminars and other academic programmes the college management has facilitate the institution with a new air-conditioned Seminar Hall in memory of former Secretary A.L.Subramanian. The Secretary ALS Seminar Hall has been equipped with ultra-modern audio-visual AMENITIES.
3. Library automation is on the verge of completion and it will enable the students to easily access the library books and other learning resources.
4. A new multi-purpose hall which can accommodate about 200 students was set up to conduct various programmes. This hall is quite airy with proper audio-visual equipment. It will enable various units of the college to conduct mass programme such as Ph.D Viva-voce, various awareness programmes, Medical, Dental and Eye check-up programmes, Campus Placement programmes and large scale meetings.
5. The Gymnastic Hall of the Dept. of Physical Education has been equipped with rate and expensive sports equipments and as it needs high level protection, the Dept. of Physical Education building was closely knitted with iron grill fabrication.
6. A new row of toilets with bathing AMENITIES were constructed near Indoor Stadium for the out station players who participate in sports events conducted in the Indoor Stadium.
7. A new redesigned dynamic Website with the URL was launched with the unique features of the college and updated information.
8. Keeping the convenience of women staff in mind, the management granted sufficient funds to set up a new Ladies Rest Hall with modern toilet AMENITIES and the same work was completed.
9. As the college has centuries old culture and heritage a memorial pillar was erected in the place where the first ‘Boomi Pooja’ was done in the year 1950 in order to remind the footsteps which the institution has crossed gloriously.
10. As the college management is very keen on the safety of the students five more fire safety equipments were fixed in various parts of the college.
11. Apart from the smart classes in the departments of Physics, Physical Education and Tamil a new smart class room was set up in the Dept. of Economics.
12. As the students of Physical Education have to attend morning classes, a new Bath area was constructed with multi-shower bathing system and it will help the students to get ready to regular classes after attending the morning practical classes on the ground.
13. UGC Schemes Office functioned in an effective way that it informed all the staff members the periodical updated from the UGC and also it initiated them to apply for more Research projects. Thanks to Dr.A.Seetharaman, Coordinator of UGC Schemes, many staff members have received Projects grants from UGC and others applied for Major or Minor Research Projects.

1. Electronic-via-Sharing of communication was established between all departments and IQAC office
2. Computer Training to Office Staff members were given by the faculty of Computer Science.
3. Library Automation – Initial steps were taken
4. E-Library was established in the General Library for deriving e-resources
5. New Journal Section was started.
6. New Toilets were constructed for girl students
7. Computer Lab was modernised
8. Zoology Laboratory was renovated
9. Leach Pits were constructed for better waste water management
10. Power Generator was purchased to cover up entire academic buildings.
11. Smart Classes were set up.
12. Modern Audio Equipment were launched in few classrooms and seminar halls
13. Separate office for UGC Schemes was established and a Coordinator was appointed.


To implement various improvement plans the college management was so magnanimous to provide the financial support to the fullest extent.

Academic Year 2019-20 : Rs. 3,55,040/=
Academic Year 2018-19 : Rs. 42,01,525/=
Academic Year 2017-18 : Rs. 20,03,196/=
Academic Year 2016-17 : Rs. 18,10,000/=
Academic Year 2015-16 : Rs. 17,00,000/=
Academic Year 2014-15 : Rs. 40,88,830/=
Academic Year 2013-14 : Rs. 22,78,540/=
Academic Year 2012-13 : Rs. 7,26,500/=

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