Science Lab

Physics Lab

The department of Physics offers UG and PG programmes. The department was upgraded as a research department in 2015. The department has excellent and separate laboratories for UG and PG. The UG lab is well equipped with all necessary instruments with a seating capacity of 40 students. The PG lab functions by solar energy, So that the lab functions even during power failure. It is a research oriented lab with modern equipment. The lab includes a separate computer lab with internet connectivity.

Chemistry Lab

There are sophisticated, updated separate labs for major and ancillary subjects. Each lab can accommodate 36 students at a time. The lab has the modern equipment such as visible spectrometer, PH Meter, magnetic stirrer, muffle furnace, GV visible cabinet which are purchased under UGC minor research projects. The lab is provided with internet connectivity for the usage of learners.

Zoology Lab

The lab has a seating capacity of 36, provided with traditional and modern gadgets to meet the current standards of M.S.University syllabus. It has a museum with unique specimens which is frequently visited by the students from various schools and colleges. The department library shelf's about 2000 books. It is ICT facilitated also.

Botany Lab

The department has a perfect lab, sufficient enough to accommodate 40 learners. It is equipped with rare specimens that enable quality education to students. It is also provided with internet connectivity. There is more than 300 books in the department library.