The M.D.T Hindu College - management

The Educational Society, Tirunelveli, was constituted on the 26th of March 1908. It was formerly registered under the Companies Act, officially speaking the Act XXI of 1860 of the Governor General of India in Council "An Act for the Registration of Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies, 1860"

Now the Society is registered under the Societies Registration Act. One thousand members constitute its General Body.Presently the Committee consists of nine persons, six of whom are elected by the General Body, of the remaining three, one is the Hereditary Member, a descendant of the illustrious donor (Sri Diraviyam Pillai), the other two are nominated by the Hereditary Member.

MDT Kumarasamy Mudaliyar

Highly eminent gentlemen, who have left their indelible imprints in public life, have been members of the Managing Committee throughout its history. Thiru. Medai Dalavoi Thirumalaiappa Mudaliar, Thiru. A.R.Shunmugam Pillai, Thiru.I.A.Chidambaram Pillai, Thiru. P.T. Thanupillai, M.P., Thiru. C.A.K. Rathnasabapathy, Thiru. Dr. P. Padmanabhan, MLA, Thiru. K.N. Ammaiappan, Thiru. A.L. Subramanian, Ex.MLA, Thiru. S. Sailappan B.E., M.Tech, Thiru.S.Shunmugavel B.Sc.,B.L., had served the institution as Presidents during various periods

S.Ramasamy Konar

Thiru. M.R.Ramakrishna Iyer, B.A., B.L., Thiru. P.M.Kailasam Pillai, B.A., Thiru. T.S. Muthiah Pillai, Thiru. N.A.V. Somasundaram Pillai, B.A., B.L., Rao Bahadur A. Sundara Sastrigal, B.A., B.L., Thiru. A.Yagna Narayanaiah, L.M. & S., served as Honorary Secretaries of the Managing Committee. Thiru. S. Kumaraswamy Reddiar, B.A., B.L. and Thiru. T.N. Sivagnanam Pillai B.A. who were ministers in the then Government of Madras Presidency, also served as Honorary Secretaries of the Managing Committee. Thiru.I.C. Iswaran Pillai., Thiru. M.D.T. Kumara Swami Mudaliar, Rao Bahadur T.A. Subbiah Pillai, Thiru. T.M. Nellaiappa Pillai, Thiru. S. Ramaswami Konar, B.A., B.L., Thiru. I.A. Chidambaram Pillai M.A., M.L.A., Thiru. M.S. Maharaja Pillai, who was Chairman, Palayamkottai Municipal Council, for over a decade, Thiru. I.C.Iswaran B.Sc.,B.L., Thiru. A.Kandaswami,Thiru. K.N. Ammaiappan and Thiru.A.L.Subramanian, B.Sc.,B.L.have adorned the office as Honorary Secretaries of the Managing Committee.

M.S. Maharaja Pilllai

adorned the office as Honorary Secretaries of the Managing Committee. Thiru. R.V.Chockalingam Pillai, Thiru. M.D.T.Ramalinga Mudaliar, Thiru. Sankaranarayana Pillai, Thiru.S.Ramaswamy Konar, Thiru. N. Subramanian B.Com, Thiru. C.A.K. Rathnasabapathy, Thiru. Mu.Su. Sankar, Thiru. S. Sankarasubramanian, Thiru.C.A.R.Shunmuga Chidambaram M.A.,and Dalavoy.T.Ramasamy had served the institution in the capacity of Treasurer during various periods

Alangar A.Kandasamy Pillai

The former Secretary of the Committee Thiru. A.L.Subramanian, B.Sc., B.L. was a three term M.L.A of Tirunelveli Constituency and also served as Worshipful Mayor of Tirunelveli City. A lawyer by profession, he was a trustee of the Tuticorin Port Trust and Additional Central Government Standing Counsel. His contribution to the cause of higher education in and around Tirunelveli district is highly laudable. It is due to his earnest effort and influence, the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University was established in Tirunelveli.

KN.Ammaiappa Mudaliyar

Presently, the College Management is presided by Thiru.S.Meenakshi Sundaram B.Sc.,B.L., Thiru.M.Chelliah,M.A., is the Secretary. Thiru.B.T.Chidambaram,B.Sc.,B.L., is the Treasurer. Dr.R.Suresh, ALS.Shunmugam D.C.E and Thiru.Dalavoy.R.Thirumalaiappan B.Sc., are members. Thiru. T.Shantheesh M.B.A is the Hereditary Member. Thiru. B.Rajagopal D.M.E. and Thiru.R.Velmurugan M.C.A are Nominated Members of the Management Committee.

A.L. Subramaniam


The main objective of the society is to impart excellent higher education and to start and to carry on educational and research institutions to impart and to disseminate literary, scientific, commercial, industrial and vocational knowledge. The Educational Society, Tirunelveli has the pride of running. The Madurai Diraviyam Thayumanavar Hindu College, its Unaided Programmes and the Madurai Diraviyam Thayumanavar Hindu College Higher Secondary School.