Term Certificate :

Term Certificates shall not be granted to students unless they show satisfactory progress during the year by thier regularity of attendance, diligent application to work and securing the required percentage of marks in the various tests.

A student must attend class on not less than three fourths of the prescribed working days and complete the course of study.

Science students must perform the practical work of experiments prescribed in Science subjects and submit their records regularly to the teachers.

Conduct Certificate :

Conduct Certificate will be issued to students usually at the end of their courses of study.

Individual teachers will decline to issue any conduct or attainment certificate in the absence of the general certificate issued by the Principal on behalf of the college.

Sports Certificate :

Only students who evince keen interest in Athletics and Games by regular participation are eligible to receive Sports Certificates at the end of their course.

Application for certificate - Transfer, Conduct, Course and Date of Birth - must be made in prescribed form and will be received in the office on all working days. The certificate applied for will be issued 24 hours after the receipt of application.

Certificates will not be issued to students who are in arrears of fee, fine etc., or to those for whom library books etc., are due.

A student who leaves the college before completing the programme without the written permission of the Principal is not eligible to get any certificate.