The college has a multipurpose auditorium. The building is so spacious that it accommodates 900 audiences at the same time it has been designed to provide good acoustics for many types of performances, presentations and celebrations. It is also used for the purpose of conducting examinations for 400 candidates. It has the best sound and light amenities. The auditorium is a separate building that it never disturbs the routine academic activities.

Indoor Stadium

With the financial assistance of Rs 70,00,000/= from the University Grants Commission (No:FSPE 079/11/053/10 [SERO-UGC])and a management contribution of Rs . 19,00,000/=, an Indoor Stadium has been constructed with all sports amenities which will enable the students to equip and excel themselves in various sports fields. The newly constructed Indoor Stadium is a great boon to the rural students who cannot enjoy such sports facilities in their rural residing places