Every student shall attend college regularly and punctually on all working days.

Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each class hour. While answering attendance the student shall stand in his place.

A student who is not in the class room when attendence is marked, shall lose attendance for the session.

One day’s attendance means presence at all the lecture hours, seminars and practicals.

A student in order to appear for the University Examination will have to put in a minimum attendance in accordance with the University regulations.

Attendance in each semester shall be entered in the progress report.

No student shall be absent himself/herself from the college without leave. Incase of sickness for more than three days the leave application must be accompanied by a Medical Certificate.

Application for leave in the prescribed forms counter signed by the parent or guardian and in the case of hostelers by the deputy Warden concerned must be submitted to the Principal in advance of the date on which leave is desired. When absence is due to unforeseen causes, an application for leave must be submitted as soon as possible and in any case not later than the first day of return to college. Leave applied for will ordinarily be granted when proper reasons are given.

A student absenting himself from college for more than fifteen consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation is liable to have his name struck off the rolls.