A Brief History of our first Principal

Professor P. Sundaram Pillai was a renowned personality who gave a new identity to Tamil Language in the second half of the nineteenth century. He was the predecessor of the new thought of blending old Tamil philosophy with the European philosophical tradition. This competent professor of manifold personality was the first Principal of the M.D.T. Hindu College in the year 1878-79. As soon as he took charge, he started F.A. Classes and upgraded the institution to Secondary Grade College.

In 1885, he published 'Chathira Saugiragam', commonly known as 'Nootrogai Villakkam'. He wrote and published his masterpiece, the famous play 'Manonmaniam' in 1891. The prayer song of this play is recognized and approved as the 'Prayer Song of Maiden Tamil', by the Tamil Nadu Government. In the same year, he became a member of Fellow of Madras University (FMU). In 1897, 'Some Early Sovereigns of Travancore' was published and it made him a Member of Royal Asiatic Society (MRAS). His service to the language of Classical Tamil is unforgettable.